Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My wellbeing graze box

A week or so ago I mentioned the company I applied for a free box and they sent it 1st class through the post today. It's fantastic! However a little smaller than I origionally anticipated. As soon as I opened the box it smelt like health! Gorgeous little punnets of assorted fruit, seeds and nuts contained in a sustainable forest cardboard box. There were four punnets, 'bakewell tart', 'pina colada', 'love mix' & 'omega booster seeds'.

Bakwell tart contained almonds, cranberries and cherry raisons. This punnet was great to mix together and eat the nuts and fruit combined. Amazing flavours. I don't normally like almonds but they really complemented the fruits. The Pina colada punnet contained pineapple, coconut and mango. I loved this punnet (except the pineapple!) this is the only negative, sometimes you may get something that you don't like. But I wanted to try new things, so left it up to the Graze team to pick. You can rate items that you hate/love/like and they make your box according to these ratings. I rated that I never wanted olives! The fourth punnet was the Love mix which had cherries,apricots and goji berries. I had never had the berries before but they were very yummy, it was nice to try something new. The fourth was the omega mix of seeds. which included linseed,pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

The box also came with some little booklets explaining how healthy the box is & a booklet about facts and comments from other 'Grazers'.

All in all it's a fab way to stay healthy and not nibble on cookies or muffins! Just grab your grazing box and enjoy all the healthy goodness!

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