Friday, 29 July 2011

Classical dresses

Givenchy A/W collection 2011

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Is that Liberty I hear?

I was invited to a 21st birthday party which was prom themed. Immediately I thought, I'll make my dress! I have had fabric scattered around for months now with each piece linking to some project or idea I had, but never got round to doing anything with. So I hunted out this certain fabric that I knew would look perfect. It happened to be none other than Liberty London fabric.

I didn't realise at the time when I was given it by an old textile teacher what kind of fabric it was. I just knew I loved it! But with age, you begin to realise the impact of such lovely famous fabric and you begin to recognise them. Any way so I decided to make a strapless, heart shaped, short cocktail dress which would also be boned. This is the finished product....

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Check it out!!

Once again, check out my new photos on Hope you like:)

The statement item I would LOVE.

A brown leather vintage rucksack (back-pack).

mmmm so nice!! I'm going to have to hunt one down in the charity shops. Rather than buying it on a vintage website, as it will probably be extortionate.
Heres some of my faves.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

This image I just LOVE. Right from the hat to the owl ring to the elephant necklace. It just works. I am deffinately going to have to pair a baggy t-shirt like this with my high waisted shorts.
The bangles also give a relaxed vibe to the compostion. I love it.
This image means more bangles/baggy T/get me rings onnn/ & wear a hat!!

New age hippy.

One thing I love is colours. Lots of clashing colours, patchwork and stitching. This combined is like being in a sweety shop. So when I say Monsoon Acessorize, you can understand how excited I get when I go in there!!

This image and styling, espechially the bag, is the epitome of hipster elegance. The colours are amazing and it pops with the outfit choice.

Something to do on a rainy day...

We have had quite a few this Summer! So I have resorted to the good ol' arts n' crafts. needless to say I have had a tiny obsession with door stops. Why, you may ask, well who doesn't have a door or two? and they are incredibly cute and GREAT presents.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

New street style!

Out on the streets of Bath yet again to find some fashionistas! These are the two that I came across. I am in love with the blue shoes! check them out,

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Beauty regime disaster.

Total nightmare on the DIY beauty regime today. Waxing is NOT my forte. I swore I would never attempt it again after buying a Veet 'warm it up under the tap' roll on with wax strips included. Complete disaster, wax everywhere, painfull and just down right confusing!! How do people do this by them selves!! I decided it was not for me. However in my recent Elle I recieved a free wax strip (Veet sensitive) and tried it. It worked well. so I used my £1 off to invest in some Veet wax strips (easy peel-apparently). But My gosh was I wrong! I now know why I do not wax my self. #inneedofprofessionalhelp.

Veet sensitive wax strips.
These are the strips that I tried. I tried it on my legs and under arms. They were pretty simple to use. Yes, there was an 'easy grip' and yes it did help having that extra piece to grip. the strips didn't leave a smooth finish and I had to tidy. The wax also left resedue on my skin which took forever to remove (even when using the after wipes- you only get 4, which don't seem enough) They smelt really nice as well. However I do not think I will be using them again. Complete disaster and just too complicated.

I will never do that to myself again. I will go to a salon and pay my money to sit back whilst someone else slaves to make melook presentable! Deary me. Rant over on the beauty side of things!

Work experience @ Mpdclick (Mudpie)

22nd August-2nd September. 2 weeks working with the Mpdclick team @ Mudpie trend forecasting company. VERY excited! I will write a full report of my time at the company when the time comes. But for now I'm just looking forward to it and planning my wardrobe!!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Sensible office wear!!

This jacket i tried on in Topshop a while ago but dismissed as the prices was too high. However now its £25 and Im in two minds as to whether I should buy it. Its not practical for a jacket because of the length of the body and arms, but its a flattering colour and would look great with many outfits! Plus its the perfect colour to complement the rest of my wardrobe. ahh what to do!

It would look great with a little black dress or leggings and heels, or even a casual outfit to snazz it up.

White is the new black

I don't own a white dress, I don't even normally wear white. But this Summer I plan to make myself my own white (ivory) dress. It will be made from silk dupion in ivory, strapless, boned and short- but modest. I think I need this in my wardrobe, I even have an event that I can wear it to soon, so I had better get making

Creative buzz

Ok, I've been on a bit of a mad one since coming back from uni. I have resorted to making alot of my own clothes as its cheaper and more rewarding! These are a few of the things that I've made.