Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Beauty regime disaster.

Total nightmare on the DIY beauty regime today. Waxing is NOT my forte. I swore I would never attempt it again after buying a Veet 'warm it up under the tap' roll on with wax strips included. Complete disaster, wax everywhere, painfull and just down right confusing!! How do people do this by them selves!! I decided it was not for me. However in my recent Elle I recieved a free wax strip (Veet sensitive) and tried it. It worked well. so I used my £1 off to invest in some Veet wax strips (easy peel-apparently). But My gosh was I wrong! I now know why I do not wax my self. #inneedofprofessionalhelp.

Veet sensitive wax strips.
These are the strips that I tried. I tried it on my legs and under arms. They were pretty simple to use. Yes, there was an 'easy grip' and yes it did help having that extra piece to grip. the strips didn't leave a smooth finish and I had to tidy. The wax also left resedue on my skin which took forever to remove (even when using the after wipes- you only get 4, which don't seem enough) They smelt really nice as well. However I do not think I will be using them again. Complete disaster and just too complicated.

I will never do that to myself again. I will go to a salon and pay my money to sit back whilst someone else slaves to make melook presentable! Deary me. Rant over on the beauty side of things!

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